Meyor Lemon Mojitos

I love Meyer lemons. If fact, in my small backyard located in the Houston Heights, I have a medium size Meyer lemon tree approximately 10 foot tall with about thirty to forty lemons on it. A Meyer lemon is a hybrid cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. When ripe the Meyer lemon has a soft yellow skin color like the featured image above and the rind is edible too. I nibble on Meyer lemon rinds all the time. Love it! The citrus aromatics of the Meyer lemon are unique, and taste. A burst of lemon flavor in your mouth, super juicy and they have none of the acidic tartness of a regular lemon. Plus, the Meyer lemon potential in cooking and making special cocktails is unlimited.

So today July 11th, 2020 is National Mojito Day , and I decided to make my mojitos with Meyer lemons. I always make each drink individually because when you muddle the mint leaves the aromatics of their freshness is lost when mojitos are made in batches. Mash the mint at the bottom of the glass with super fine sugar or Roses simple syrup. Add rum and Meyer lemon juice topping your glass off with lots of crushed ice. You could also add a splash of club soda or sparking water, and I do LOVE those Meyer lemon rinds. However, today decided to garnish with an edible pink flower instead.

The pink flower is Dianthus barbatus and/or sweet William. The Dianthus flowers produces a range of colors like white, pink, red, and purple too. These flowers are edible and have medicinal properties too. Sweet William flowers attract bees, birds, butterflies, and today attracted my mojito! So, I’m nibbling on the medicinal properties of the sweet William flowers, instead of Meyer lemon rinds today. Enjoy!


My Meyer lemon tree!




Dianthus barbatus “sweet William” in a pot!


Mint “Yerba Buena”


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