Knotty Vines an every day indulgence…

In addition to seeing old friends at the wine media conference, the event gives me the fortuity to sample certain wines I would not ordinarily have the chance to taste.

Rodney Strong has always been an loyal annual sponsor of the wine conference. This year Rodney Strong presented their new product line called Knotty Vines. Knotty Vines was crafted to target the Millennial market, and a generation who society has pegged as having the reputation of being “naughty”, thus the name Knotty Vines. Who’s having the last laugh here? Millennials just so happen to be the most educated, confident, and ambitious generation in the United States. A younger generation whose palates are eclectic and those who like nice things at an affordable price.

It is refreshing to know at Rodney Strong the winemaker of the Knotty Vines product line is also a millennial, and a women winemaker too! Olivia Wright does make some real nice vino for her peers, and with lots of style. I’m always on the look out for nice affordable wines to showcase to my social community; who are primarily located within the Houston metro-area, mostly Latino, and/or of multi-cultural backgrounds. One thought which occurred to me when sampling Knotty Vines wines is that my community of Latina influencers, bloggers, and followers they love fashionable stylish things too. These wines are posh and perfect for up-coming holiday parties and festivities. Good juice with chic packaging at popular price!

2019 Knotty Vines Chardonnay. I dig all the tropical notes, lively acidity and creamy vanilla finish. I’d host a movie night with air-popped popcorn topped with truffle oil and a little melted butter… please.

2018 Knotty Vines Cabernet Sauvignon… I’m visualizing take-out from my favorite burger joint or barbecue, and loaded baked potato with this tasty Cabernet.

For every day indulgences the Knotty Vines Red Blend with my baked stuffed tomatoes. Found the Red Blend at Kroger for $10.99.

By the way, you can always message me for the baked stuffed tomato recipe. I love hearing from you!


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