DÃO Vinhos Dão

Last year in October I was introduced to DÃO “Vinhos Dão”, and it was quite a wine education class to remember. Hosted by Dão Wines, at Caracol, one of many Houston’s top restaurants. It was certainly a food and wine experience to delight both the young and more seasoned palates. The wine seminar was present by Sommelier & Wine Educator Eugenio Jardim. Eugenio is also the wine brand ambassador for The Wines of Portugal. It was a fantastic lunch and learn program, so much so, that I had to search for my own Dão wines especially the Touriga Nacional and recreate my own food and wine experience here at home.

Due to the current situation, many of us are cooking from home and looking for unique options in food and wine. This being said, I did find Dão Niepoort Touriga Nacional at Houston Wine Merchant for $23.99. Made a delicious dish of bacon wrapped chicken tenders seasoned with Penzeys “Chili 3000”; a fabulous seasoning combination of ancho chili powder, garlic, cumin, onion, cilantro, paprika and Mexican oregano. Wrapped the seasoned chicken tenders with bacon and a few slivers of thinly sliced jalapeños. Sprinkling a little more  “Chili 3000” on top and a dash of brown sugar then baked in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Boy, tasting the brown sugar caramelized on bacon and the spicy chicken was sensational. I served over fresh cilantro and carrots marinated in apple cider vinegar. AND, what a delicious dinner dish to enjoy a lovely glass of red wine, Touriga Nacional from Dão. Felicidades!


The wine seminar was present by Sommelier & Wine Educator Eugenio Jardim. Eugenio Jardin in the photo below with wine writer  Sandra Crittenden and Instagram social media influencer Miss Morgan Merovitch.


We all begin the lunch and learn seminar with a refreshing glass of Vinhos Dão “Cabriz blanco”.


AND, we tasted many more chilled white wines from Vinhos Dão!


Vinhos do Dão 2015 Quinta dos Roques Touriga Nacional, delicious.



Ahhh, Vinhos do Dão 2015 Cabriz Vihno Tinto. 



Vinhos do Dão 2015 Kelman Vihno Tinto! 




AND, Vinhos do Dão Quinta de Lemos Vinho Tinto.

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