Counting Babydoll Sheep!

As an animal lover, I couldn’t help but share with you an interesting tidbit about the Babydoll sheep and their contributions to the wine industry!

Coming back yesterday from the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference (#winebloggersconference, #WBC16) in Lodi, CA, I found myself thinking about the presentation by Yealands Family Wines (@Yealands) on environmentally friendly wines, green technology projects, and counting Babydoll sheep. Numbering only a few thousand in the world, these Babydoll sheep work hard eating weeds, mowing grass, controlling pests, and fertilizing the land. What a tall order for these adorable creatures to fill — barely standing two feet tall, they are too short to reach the fruit on the vines yet so very instrumental in sustainable wine-growing efforts, not to mention the production of the finest organic wines coming from New Zealand.


In addition, I learned Yealands Family Wines is also famous for building the largest solar panel system in New Zealand … how cool is that?!

After tasting their wines at the conference, I had to stop by Specs (@Specs1962) to find the Peter Yealands Sauvignon Blanc 2015 (about $13). I paired this fresh, crisp white wine with toasted veggie cakes, lime basil, and Kalamata olives for a wonderful wine snack. Boy, that lime basil really brought out those herbal notes in the wine, and tasted so refreshing in summer!