By golly! It’s a Cremant de Bourgogne!

I enjoyed a wine event this week with John and Raju, a few of my classmates from WSET #3. We made our way to Terroirs & Signatures de Bourgogne, sponsored by the Bourgogne Wine Board (@BourgogneWines) and highlighting it’s five wine-producing regions in Burgundy.

Educational, informational, engaging and so much more. We had the unique opportunity to taste wines, listen and learn alongside one of Houston’s best and our wine instructor, Ben Roberts (@HoustonSomms), who’s currently in the Masters program.

John & Raju, my partners in wine for the day

John & Raju, my partners in wine for the day

The pressure was definitely on when we headed into the Blind Tasting Room — managing a blind tasting station was our fearless leader and wine instructor James King (@TexasWineSchool ). Good thing John had my back on the test sheet! Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that I made a few errors, but I’m hopeful I got at least one correct.

A Cremant, not a Champagne

That would be a Cremant, not a Champagne!

Kudos to John for coming to my rescue a second time by making sure I didn’t embarrass myself in front of the winemaker. I almost called his sparking wine a Champagne when indeed it was a Cremant de Bourgogne. Wine rookie mistake avoided! At any rate, we had a wine-tastic time.