An afternoon tasting at Rosinka

I spent a little time on Friday sipping some French wine with another colleague from WSET 3 class, Dr. Robert Morris (@rkm0001). When it comes to the blind tastings in class, Robert is quite sharp at identifying the grape and make.

While he has had a fulfilling career — he’s a retired OBGYN who has delivered more than 6,000 babies — he now enjoys his time as a wine consultant at Rosinka (@RosinkaHouston), a charming little wine boutique cuddled in Houston’s Rice Village. Rosinka, from the Russian word meaning “little dew drop”, also showcases a nice selection of Grand Cru Teas from China. What’s so fascinating about Rosinka is that a majority of the wines in their shop are French Organic and/or Biodynamic. Organic and Biodynamic are alternative viticulture efforts developed around the mid-twentieth century to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals in vineyard management. In Organic viticulture, use of pesticides is entirely prohibited, while Biodynamic viticulturists adapt their vineyard practices to coincide with the cycles of the planets, moon and stars. According to some industry experts, there is an actual affect to a vineyard’s yields when implementing a Biodynamic strategy.

Every Friday afternoon, Robert hosts a wine education class. This past Friday, among other fine wines, he presented a White Grenache and Cabernet Franc. Jean Royer Le Petit Roy

I asked Robert, “What’s your favorite wine?

“That’s a really tough question. But at the moment, I happen to be a bit partial to Châteauneuf du Pape and my suggestion for you is a Jean Royer.”

I couldn’t resist and purchased a bottle, along with some Organic White Peony Tea!