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A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. In this particular case, I have to let most of my photos tell you some of the story! After arriving at Tri-Cities Airport for the wine bloggers conference #WBC18, we left Pasco, Washington with the team guides from Wine Yakima Valley for our excursion. Our first stop, Owen Roe Winery.

The folks at Owen Roe Winery welcomed us with a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc! – a Corvidae “Wise Guy” 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley. There are huge lavender bushes that line the pathway of the winery, and the herb grows like tumbleweeds.

While we headed out on our tour of the vineyard, the caterers from “Crafted Yakima” were preparing the supper table for some very hungry wine bloggers.


I was surprised to see and learn that the Yakima Valley is mostly a dry desert. AND, the average annual precipitation and rainfall for this area is 8.35 inches. As you can see, these vines grow exceptionally well in the desert and in crappy looking soil.


This is Loess, Yakima Valley’s crappy looking soil. Believe it or not, Loess soils are among the most fertile in the world and the state of Washington is in abundance. Loess consists of these layers of dusty sediment, it’s super dry, caked with stones, and crusty. I’m still dusting off Loess from the inside and outside of my tennis shoes.


Tasted some monumental Owen Roe wine on the vineyard tour! Like this 2014 Union Gap. A fabulous Bordeaux-style red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec.



View from the top of the Owen Roe vineyard hill was impressive.


Owen Roe 2015 Union Gap Vineyard Cabernet Franc from “The Pearl Block”.


Cabernet Franc grapes…I can’t remember if this is “The Pearl Block” or not?


Owen Roe 2014 Union Gap Syrah – what a treat! Tasted beautiful, like the sunset above!!


It was a very cold evening for my Texas native blood and we all stayed close by the fire pit. Plus, all that high-end red wine came in handy. Behind the scenes we also tasted Owen Roe’s Ex Umbris Syrah and Sinister Hand. In addition, there were so many other @WineYakimaValley wines tasted that evening and I posted those individual thoughts at @MyVinoRules on Twitter and Instagram.


OMGoodness…”A Family-Style Dinner” was provided by Crafted  Yakima!

Crafted Yakima truly out did themselves with their mouthwatering roasted ranger chicken in honey and fresh herbs. Delish! We all had second helpings. That white and gold speckled serving platter – loved it!


I believe that I can live on just tomatoes for the rest of my life! Crafted Yakima notes this dish as their Bella Terra Gardens heirloom tomatoes with shallots and Daniels Artisan Scarmoza cheese.


These are Amarosa potatoes with red onions in olive oil and thyme. Oh my, so good! Unfortunately, I missed taking pictures of the roasted carrots in Ginger-Balsami Tamari and those delectable fried beets.



This was my dinner plate, loaded of course and completely full of deliciousness. I have no shame. See that roasted corn? Well, the sweet corn was incredible and I devoured it! Mr. Finnin had to tell me three times to remove pieces of corn from my hair, face and sweater. Lord have mercy.


These two lovely people are “The Finnins”. I have had the pleasure of seeing them every time I attend a wine bloggers conference. You should visit their blog @TheVineyardTrail. I just love The Finnins!


Life cannot get better than seeing this spectacular sunset from our dinner table at Owen Roe Winery! Cheers!!






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